Blog 9- Live Tweeting


1. Give a brief summary of the assignment and the event you reported.

This assignment was to give us the experience of “live tweeting” an event.  We were assigned to select a newsworthy event and report it live via Twitter.  The event I chose was the Wyoming Public Radio open house and bluegrass performance by Big Hollow Bluegrass.  WPR was celebrating 50 years in production, and Tom Wilhelm, the voice of the Ranch Radio show on Saturdays was celebrating 36 years on the air as well.  It was a lovely event with cookies and good music.
2. What did you enjoy about the experience? What did you not enjoy?

For this assignment, I enjoyed attending the event and listening (and playing) good music with good people.  I like WPR and the programs they run, so it was nice to get to spread the word about them briefly.  I did not like tweeting, however.  I don’t like constantly being on my phone, distracting from the actual event that is going on.  I didn’t like the word limit, and I wasn’t able to take a nice picture with my phone in the dismal basement that they keep the radio studio in.
3. What did you learn? What surprised you? What do you wish you could have done differently?

I don’t think I really know how to tweet, since it is not a form of media that I consume.  I wrote 10 mini-headlines that briefly depicted what was going on.  I’m not sure that’s what a tweet is, but I tried my best.  Nothing really surprised me, aside from how limiting of a media format it is.
4. How do you see yourself using social media in a future career?

I doubt I will use social media regarding my career.  I am hoping to work outside in a very remote location, preferably without access to the internet.  In fact, I used my uwyo email address to register for Twitter because I know that the address will become invalid after I graduate in May.  I will probably develop a website with my music portfolio on it to better advertise for music lessons, but that’s as social as I get.


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