Edited Audio

  1. Describe your audio editing experience.

Editing Choi’s interview was both easy and a challenge.  There was a lot of space between her sentences, and more space between her words than a more fluent English speaker might have.  This made editing out dead space easy since there are distinct pauses in her speech.  However, it was still not enough to get a 5 minute audio file down to 2 minutes.  I did not want to edit out too much of what she had to say, because I thought all of it was valuable, but at the same time I still needed to get it down to 2 minutes.  I decided to try to edit out some of the times she repeats or reiterates what she says, and I hope it comes out sounding natural.  I also did not want to edit out anything that was important to her to say, or pertinent to her story.  I felt really guilty whenever I edited out even the smallest filler word because I felt that those pauses added to the authenticity of our conversation.

  1. What did you enjoy and not enjoy?

I enjoyed learning how to use Audacity, and figuring out that whole process.  There’s still so much I could have done with it if I was able to go longer than 2 minutes (which I did anyway).  I wish I would have had the chance to get more creative with it like the website we used as an example for this project.

  1. Did anything surprise you?

Nothing too much really surprised me about this project.  I didn’t expect to feel such pressure when it came to editing her words though, because I wanted to keep all of it.

  1. Do you wish you could have done anything different? Or do you wish something went more smoothly?

In the future, if I ever do something like this again, I would like to be able to include more character into the edited version, such as the “ums” and “likes” in between phrases.  I would also like to be able to add background music and even possibly some photos to the next project like this.


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