Sports Action:  I stumbled upon this because I usually go bouldering at Half-Acre, and because I wasn’t that interested in the football game this weekend, I decided to take a picture of an alternative sport.  The shot was difficult to get because of the huge light in the background, and the fact that she kept moving around.  My camera phone isn’t very good, and I was trying to get an intense angle of her that mimicked the reach of the shade in the background of the man catching a ball.  I don’t think I felt much while I was taking the picture.  I was happy for Kaitlin when she reached the top of the bouldering line, but other than that, frustration about getting a good shot.  The creative device I tried to use was leading lines, because I’m trying to accentuate her reach by taking the shot close to her feet.  She really wasn’t that far off the ground (you are only allowed to boulder up to 12 feet), so the drama is less intense.  I also wanted to mimic the pattern of the shade behind her by capturing her when she was in a similar position.

Reaching: UW student Kaitlin Kreuger practices bouldering at Half-Acre gym in between morning classes.

Feature Photo: As I was studying in Coe Library, I walked past a study room full of a rather diverse group of women.  They were being rather loud (you could hear them from outside the study room) but they all sounded really excited, learning and discussing the concepts for their class.  The atmosphere was exciting, and it was really neat to hear them discussing the things they were learning about, and sharing their different ideas and experiences with each other.  I felt really awkward asking if I could take their picture.  There are a couple creative devices in this picture, including the rule of thirds (picture is weighted to the right), focus (Adaljeeza is the only one in focus), and background (the plane white board allows you to focus on the emotions of the people).

Misery Loves Company: (left to right) Devon, Odessa, Jaimee and Adaljeeza are studying in Coe Library for an upcoming midterm for a class called Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in the Media.

As I left Online Journalism class last week I saw this guy skating in front of me down an empty path.  He was moving in these beautiful, sweeping motions back and forth, and the grace with which he skated made me stop and watch.  By the time I thought to get my phone out and take a picture, not only had students filled the picture, but also a utility truck.  It was a fleeting moment of simplistic beauty in an otherwise mundane practice.  The creative device I tried to implement here was the rule of thirds, as he is teetering on the right hand side of the frame and heading left, so it doesn’t feel like he’s about to go out of the frame.

Moseying to Class: UW student side-walk surfs to his next class on a warm October afternoon.

The Homecoming parade passed right in front of my house Saturday morning, so I enjoyed my coffee on the front steps while strangers threw candy and key chains in my yard.  It was a charming display of local pride, that a couple of my other roommates came out for as well.  I got to work with the pony in my Equine Behavior class, and everybody who has ever worked with a pony knows how difficult they can be, and pony Joe is no exception.  I felt a sense of schadenfreude, happy that I was not the one tasked with dealing with him that day.  I used the rule of thirds in this, because the photo is weighted to the left, and they are headed to the right.  It is a poor example of framing because there is a tree coming out of the handlers’ heads.

Cowboy Joe is a Prick: UW’s token pony walks in the Homecoming parade last Saturday with his handlers and Cowboy Joe the mascot.

The Homecoming parade came right in front of my house Saturday morning.  I have always enjoyed a good drumline, so I was really excited to see them walk past.  I love the descending size of the drums as they walk past in this picture.  The device I employed here is symmetry, because of the uniformity of the drummers and their drums.  Too bad they walked into a shadow as I took the picture.

Drumline: UW Drum Corps marches during the Homecoming parade last Saturday on Grand Avenue.

What surprised me the most about this assignment, was that I realized how adverse I am to taking photos of people.  I’m constantly taking pictures of a cool tree, or a spider web in the sun, but never are humans in any of my pictures.  I was also really shy about asking to take people’s photos, so I think that was the most difficult thing for me.  I would have used a better camera…action shots are really difficult to take with a cheap Wal-Mart phone.  I also would have gotten closer to my subjects to take the picture.


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